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Student Services

Student Services is located in the main administration building around the corner from the reception desk and can be contacted or visited with regard to the following:

Student Absences

If your child is going to be absent for any reason on a given day please call the school on 86473300 and press 1 (one) for student services. Office hours are between 8am and 4pm Monday to Thursday and from 8am to 3.30pm on a Friday. If your child is not at school you will be contacted via a text message. Please reply to this text with details of the reason for your child’s absence.


Students are required to wear identifiable school uniform at all times. This may include any combination of the available polo-shirt, rugby top, or hoody, with plain navy, grey or black bottoms. Tidy denim jeans may be worn, but must not be ripped or torn. All shorts and skirts must be a minimum mid-thigh length. Denim shorts are not deemed suitable for school.

Students must also wear appropriate footwear in accordance with workplace health and safety requirements. Ugg boots and thongs are not suitable for school.

A copy of the uniform brochure is available below.


During the year students may have the opportunity to go on excursions with the school for curriculum or sporting reasons and there may be costs involved. All monies and consent forms are processed at student services.


At the beginning of each school year students will be issued with a stationery starter pack appropriate to their year level, extra stationery is available for purchase at student services.

School Fees and Payments

Student Material and Services Charges and any other accounts can be paid at student services or can be paid online into our school account. Bank Account Details are: BSB 065 507 Acct Number: 10026324. EFTPOS facilities are available. Instructions on making an online payment can be found below.

First Aid/Sick Room

In the event of injury or illness students should report to student services for treatment. Parents are informed immediately where necessary, if no parent is available the emergency contacts will be phoned, and where it is impractical to communicate, the first aid officer (or school staff) will authorize the child to receive medical treatment as may be necessary or arrange an ambulance when required.

Applications for School Card

All information and forms are available upon request from student services. Form ‘A’ may be included with the start of year pack that is mailed home, or accessed online www.sa.gov.au under the heading Education, Skills and Learning.

All forms need to be returned to Student Services for Processing. Information detailing eligibility criteria is included in the parent handbook that is mailed home at the beginning of each year.

Enrolment and Clearance

All enrolment, transition and clearance or transfer enquiries can be made with staff at student services.


If students misplace or lose timetables, a new one can be issued through student services. Changes to timetables however, will need to be made with a student counsellor via an appointment.

Collecting your Student

Please inform student services if you need to collect your child/ren. Parents or caregivers are requested not to call students directly as this often disrupts classes and learning. Staff at student services will contact the appropriate classroom and arrange for your child to ‘check out’.

If students are late they must arrive via Student Services to ‘check in’.

Students with a parent/guardian approved lunch pass must also check in and out via Student Services.

Student ID Cards

All students are issued with a free ID card if they are present on school photo day and have their photo taken. The school ID card is a valid form of identification and may be used for travel, to open bank accounts and obtain copies of birth certificates etc. Students are encouraged to keep this secure. If you lose or misplace the ID card, a new one can be issued through student services. The cost is $6.00 and replacement may take up to one week.

Staff at student services are available for any student related enquiries and if we can’t help we will point you in the right direction.

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