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Certificate ll  |  Automotive Vehicle Servicing

2023 has seen nineteen students commence the training in automotive mechanics Port Augusta TAFESA. Over ten weeks of the school year, which equates to 365 nominal hours and a possible 50 SACE points at Stage 1. Students learn a range of practical and theoretical skills. Many of these students are aiming to gain apprenticeships in the automotive industry.

Certificate ll  |  Construction Pathways

This year, six students have enrolled in Certificate ll in Construction Pathways with PASS students attending TAFE one day a week with Caritas College and Booleroo Area School Students. Students will complete work experience during this year in their related fields and also receive their white card.

Certificate ll  |  Resource & Infrastructure Work Preparation

A partnership with OZ Minerals and Career Employment Group has seen the second cohort of students commence training in Resource and Infrastructure. Students complete a range of practical and theory competencies including working safely at heights, working in confined spaces, front end loaders and bobcats just to name a few.

Students will have the opportunity in due course this year to fly to Prominent Hill mine site to be exposed to their operations.

The students have since passed their first five competencies, and look forward to travelling to Whyalla next week to continue their studies.

CLICK HERE to find out more information about the Industries Pathways Program or contact the school HERE for any enquiries.

“It is great so far, I have enjoyed learning new skills.”

“I much prefer the learning environment of TAFE, we are treated like adults and the lecturer have lots of real-life stories to tell us.”

“I look forward to practical skills, we had a bit of a taste of these but it would be good to do some more, in particular, welding.”

“I can’t wait to drive a front-end loader;my sister has driven one so I would like to be able to aswell.”

“Seeing what a real mine site looks like would be amazing, I can’t comprehend how big it’s actually going to be.”

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