Student Wellbeing

PASS provides a safe, caring, orderly environment, in which the rights of all students to learn and all teachers to teach are supported and protected.

School staff support wellbeing by building a positive learning environment – providing challenging, interactive and engaging learning experiences and by nurturing relationships with families and the wider community. Students support their own wellbeing by being actively involved in their school and community.

Wellbeing is supported at PASS through a number of initiatives including:

  • Home Groups which promote relationships between student, parents and the teacher
  • Year level Senior Leaders ensure proper care and efficient organisation for students
  • Year 7 to 8 transition program to ensure students new to the school settle in with ease
  • Student Wellbeing Leader provides extra counselling and care to all students and parents where appropriate
  • An Aboriginal Education team to assist students and parents with school matters
  • Teaching and SSO support for students in the Learning Community.

Learning Hub

Learning Mainstream | LM 7 & LM 8-10  

The Learning Hub classes have a smaller number of students than mainstream classes. Students are in the Learning Hub for additional support with their learning and well-being needs. 

The curriculum is modified with a focus on teaching basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as developing independence and social skills. 

Special Options

At PASS there are two Special Options classes funded through the Department for Education, the Learning Community Senior (LCS) and Learning Community Middle (LCM) classes which support students with high level learning needs, in particular intellectual Disability. 

Students and their families go through an application process with the Education Office personnel to be eligible for a Special Options placement.

There is teaching and SSO support for students in the Learning Hub classes.

Students With Learning
Difficulties Or Disabilities

PASS has a range of support for students with individual learning needs.
These include:

  • Classroom SSO support for students
  • Team teaching in classes supporting students
  • Quicksmart numeracy program
  • Youth Engagement Strategy (YES) Centre support for students
  • Targeted programs
  • Modified subjects at year 11/12 for students with an intellectual disability

At PASS we have the Learning Community (LC) class which support students with high level learning needs.

One Child One Plan (OCOP)

the department introduced the one-child one plan in 2018, which will be phased in over the next few years.

Learning plans are mandatory for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students under the Guardianship of the Minster and for students with a recognised disability.

The development and implementation of learning plans enable a focused effort on quality learning programs, taking into account student aspirations, achievements and successful learning outcomes for students.