Daymap is a learning and student management system used at PASS to deliver enhanced education. One component of this system is a portal for parents and guardians that allows them to view their child’s timetable, lesson attendance, homework, assignments, results and messages from teachers, and access the end of term reports.

Students can log in on the school website or via EdPass.

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H E L P  B U T T O N S  F O R
P A R E N T S / C A R E G I V E R S

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EdPass Portal gives students and staff easy, secure access to apps for online learning and collaboration from anywhere. It provides one central location on your desktop to access all common programs you use every day. It will make accessing core applications such as Word, Excel, and Email easier, faster and more flexible.

Microsoft Office 365
Available FREE to students

Microsoft 365 is a suite of apps that help you stay connected and get things done.

Office 365 is available for all students through their school Learnlink email address. This software can be installed on up to five personal devices (Windows PC and/or Mac OSX), and is accessible online at any time.

For instructions on how to install Office 365 on your personal device, click on the following link.


ClickView is an education video platform used at Port Augusta Secondary School. Through ClickView, students have online access to thousands of educational programs, movies and TV shows to support the school’s curriculum and student’s learning. This means that students can easily access videos for classroom tasks, assignments or research, in a safe environment. 

High quality resources for learning

ClickView provides a library of video content explicitly aligned to Port Augusta Secondary School’s curriculum. Students and teachers can confidently access high quality video resources that have been designed to promote student engagement and deeper subject understanding. All ClickView-produced content has been developed and educationally curated from a selection of pay-tv or free-to-air programs by subject experts to align with the Australian Curriculum. 

Safe and age-appropriate

ClickView resources feature Australian content classifications to help ensure students are accessing age-appropriate materials.

Engaging and interactive

ClickView is designed to promote student engagement and deeper subject understanding. Teachers are able to discover, edit and share relevant educational videos with students, including interactive learning tasks that enable teachers to monitor individual students. Students are able to upload and share their work with teachers and other students to effectively demonstrate their understanding.

Online learning at home, on any device

Teaching staff can share video content with students to view at home, prior to their lessons so that they may use class time for quality discussions, high-order thinking and problem solving. ClickView is also a great tool for students to catch up on their learning while at home. ClickView is easily accessible on laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile devices.