Activities such as camps and excursions can greatly enhance the progress of learning, offering new, varied, challenging and practical experiences across the learning areas. They stimulate and challenge students and provide an opportunity for children to interact with teachers and each other in a setting vastly different from the classroom. Students discover and experience new environmental settings and learn new skills first-hand. Camps and excursions may take the form of:

day excursions to places of interest

performing arts during and after school hours

participation in sports, arts and cultural events

music, physical education and outdoor education camps


In most cases, there is an additional cost for camps and excursions which helps cover things such as entrance fees and transport. If you have financial problems that could stop your child from attending, talk to the year level senior leader of your child.


operation flinders

Each year, up to 10 Port Augusta Secondary School students have the opportunity to participate in the Operation Flinders Foundation wilderness adventure program for young people. The program caters to participants between the ages of 14 and 18 years on an eight-day exercise in the Northern Flinders Ranges. Operation Flinders provides an opportunity for its participants to grow individually and as valued members of the community. The aim is to develop personal attitudes of self-esteem, leadership, motivation, teamwork self-reliance and responsibility. Students learn basic bush survival skills, bushwalking and minimal impact camping skills, are taught to abseil, participate in an approved local Aboriginal Cultural experience and learn of the rich history of the Flinders Ranges.

outdoor education

Students participating in outdoor education will be required to attend a variety of camps and day trips ranging from bushwalking to aquatics. By Stage 2, students will also complete a Senior First Aid course. Costs may vary up to approximately $300 a year.