The Government provides school bus transport to and from the Davenport Community and Stirling North. 

The Port Augusta Town Bus Service is provided by Des’s Transport, they can be contacted on 08 8644 7744.

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Students who choose to ride their bikes to school are encouraged to do so. Students need to ensure they arrive at school prior to the first bell as the bike rack is locked by 8.30am and unlocked again at the end of the day.

Student drivers and passengers

Students wanting to drive to school need to have Student Driver/Student Passenger signed consent.

Students under 18 (unless accepted by the school as independent students) are not permitted to ride as passengers in the cars of other students, or non-students (apart from family members) unless parents have notified the school of their consent for this arrangement. Forms are available from Student Services throughout the year.

No students will be permitted to park on school grounds or in designated staff and visitor parking