uniform policy

The uniform policy has been developed using a consultative process involving parents, Student Leadership Group, Governing Council, students and the staff. The uniform policy is in place to:

  • Provide a safe environment, allowing for the instant identification of non-school members within the school site
  • Provide a positive school image, and identification within the school and a sense of belonging and responsibility
  • Provide economical and serviceable clothing
Uniform Wall SS

school uniform requirements years 8-12

Parents/guardians will be supported by the school to make sure their child wears the school uniform.
School clothing includes:

  • Polo shirt year 8-10 $35.00
  • Senior polo shirt years 11-12 $37.00
  • Hooded jumper $44.00
  • Rugby jumper $66.00
  • Hat $8.50

Students are required to wear identifiable school uniform at all times. This may include any combination of the available polo-shirts, rugby tops, hoody, along with plain navy, grey or black bottoms. Tidy denim jeans may be worn, but they must not be ripped or torn.

All shorts and skirts must be a minimum mid-thigh length. Denim shorts are not deemed suitable for school.
Students must also wear appropriate footwear in accordance with Workplace Health and Safety guidelines e.g. closed- in shoes for Technology studies.

Year 12 students will also be able to design their own SENIORS commemorative top as decided upon by the cohort, in consultation with the care group teacher(s) and Senior Leader.

Note: ugg boots and thongs are not suitable for school.

Specialised Subjects

Some subjects require additional uniform requirements. These are:

  • Industry Pathways Programs: safety glasses, steel-capped boots, overalls
  • Health and Physical Education: students are required to bring a change of clothes for practical PE lessons. Sport-specific uniforms are available from Student Services for $38.50. These are not compulsory to purchase, however will assist students to fit in with the positive sporting culture of the school
  • Home Economics: covered shoes, aprons (supplied)

What happens if a student is not in uniform?

The school will work closely with families to ensure all students are in school uniform, however, if a student is not wearing a school uniform:

  • They need to remain in the central school courtyard during all breaks
  • Special arrangements will need to be made if the student is involved in an excursion

The school will contact the home if a student is consistently out of school uniform.